Parents Sue School After Fatal Playground Accident

Eight-year-old Dallin Cunningham passed away in February 2023 after falling from a playground slide at Rose Springs Elementary School in Utah. It was a corkscrew-style configuration, and according to reports, his momentum carried him off the slide on one of the turns.

He initially survived the fall, but he died the following day from traumatic head injuries. According to news reports, his family is now suing the school to recoup $90,000 in medical costs and other damages.

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College Medical Amnesty Can Save Lives

The opioid epidemic has been a source of concern in the United States for several years, and college campuses are certainly not immune. Excessive binge drinking has been a problem at colleges and universities for decades.

Severe abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can result in life-threatening medical emergencies. Aside from the immediate physical peril, there's another consideration: calling for help when they see a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning can land both the victim and the student reporti

Cybersecurity and Compliance: Safeguarding Your Practice with Software

Estate planning legal practices have a heavy burden of responsibility regarding client privacy. For this reason, law firm software security is a major consideration. In this post, we will look at cybersecurity and compliance first, and then move on to the legal practice software solutions that are out there.

Cybersecurity refers to the measures taken to protect electronic information from unauthorized access or theft. A breach can lead to significant legal liabilities, loss of client trust, and

Legal Assistance Is Invaluable During the Trust Administration Phase

When you discuss your options with an estate planning attorney, you will learn about the revocable living trust. This device is a popular alternative to a simple will because it provides benefits that are simply not there when a will is utilized. The simplicity of trust administration is one of them.

One of the benefits of a living trust over a will is the streamlined estate administration process. The executor that is named in the document would admit the will to probate, and the court would p

What Are the Rules for IRA Beneficiaries?

You contribute to your individual retirement account to accumulate a nest egg that you can draw from during your senior years. However, if things go well from a financial standpoint, you may find that the resources will be handed down as part of your estate.

Of course, there are people who proactively use individual retirement accounts for estate planning purposes. This used to be a very effective strategy, but it is not as potent now because of a provision in the first SECURE Act.

In this pos

Incapacity Planning: Address Potential Cognitive Impairment | Connecticut Estate Planning Attorneys

Yes, asset transfers are at the core of the estate planning process. At the same time, you should see a complete picture and prepare for eventualities that you may face toward the end of your life. Incapacity planning should be part of your plan, and you will see why when you understand the facts.

Your golden years can be full of the good times you have always envisioned. You can travel, cross things off your bucket list, enjoy leisure activities, and spend a lot of time with your family and fr

Estate Planning Myths Can Lead You in the Wrong Direction | Connecticut Estate Planning Attorneys

Some misinformation circulates about certain aspects of the estate planning process. People sometimes make costly errors because they buy into these estate planning myths, and with this in mind, we will look at some of these commonly held misconceptions in this post.

1. Estate planning is not necessary until you are a senior citizen.

Obviously, most people do not pass away when they are under the age of 60, but it does happen each and every day. When you are a single adult with no responsibili

Do I Report an Inheritance to the IRS?

Uncle Sam always wants a slice of your pie, so you have to report income from all sources when you file your tax returns. This can lead to the belief that an inheritance would be taxable income.

Do you really have to report an inheritance to the IRS? We will answer the question in this post, and we will provide a general overview of the way that taxes can impact inheritances.

If you save money after you get paid, you are putting away cash that is left after you paid your taxes. After your pass